Commercial Water Filters

The Best Commercial Water Filters

From reverse osmosis & deionization to water softening & purification, from design to installation, Safeway Water has solutions that feature revolutionary designs for commercial water treatment that are completely customizable to your business needs to help you meet all state, Federal & internal guidelines.

Brewing & Distilling

  • Longer Lasting Appliances
  • High Efficiency
  • High Purity
  • Flexibility In Design

Car Washes

  • Cleaner Cars
  • No More Spots
  • More Shine

Senior Living & Hotels

  • Cleaner, Better Tasting Water
  • Safer Water
  • Longer Lasting Appliances
  • Saves Money on Cleaning Products


  • Meet Safety Guidelines
  • High Purity Water
  • Flexibility In Design
  • Prepackaged DI Available

Manufacturing of all Kind

  • High Purity Water
  • Meets Safety Guidelines
  • Flexibility In Design


  • Safer Water
  • Clean, Fresh Tasting Water
  • Saves Money On Cleaning Products
  • Longer Life on Appliances

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